Caribbean Construction Group places a high value on the principles of ‘we care’ and ‘we work together,’ which are integral to the elimination of incidents and personal injuries. The safety and well-being of our personnel are of utmost importance, forming a core value deeply embedded in our corporate culture.

The health and safety of our people is the most important thing and that is why safety is a core value and part of our corporate culture. Safety is not a parallel concern but an integral aspect woven into the fabric of our company. All individuals associated with Caribbean Construction Group, whether employees, clients, partners, subcontractors, or suppliers, are required to assume accountability for safety and proactively address safety-related concerns. Furthermore, they are encouraged to engage in open discussions about safety and have the authority to halt any unsafe work. We take pride in our commitment to safety, making it an integral part of our identity.


Our employees actively contribute to defining what safety means within Caribbean Construction Group and see safety as a collective responsibility. Throughout every level of our organization, this collaborative effort has resulted in a safety policy that plays a crucial role in defining our identity.

Because safety is something we are proud of! 

This commitment to safety is evident in our discussions and is integral to the collaborative approach our employees adopt in their work. Our team members have engaged in collective conversations to define what safety means within Caribbean Construction Group. These dialogues have led to the development of a Safety statement encompassing four key principles. These principles serve as a clear representation of our values and act as guiding principles for safe actions and decision-making. Our approach is not authoritarian, does not involve micro-management, and avoids a directive style.

Our 4 safety principles:

  • We take full responsibility for safety.
  • We are well prepared for any risks on the job site and will discuss all dilemmas that arise.
  • We make each other aware of any unsafe situations and implement safety measures to protect workers, equipment, and assets.
  • We create safe policies and are committed to adhering to all of them.