Caribbean Construction Group proudly is a fully integrated partner specializing in Professional Hydrographic, Land Survey, and Mapping Services. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, this business ensures high-resolution and high-accuracy surveys, using ultra-modern equipment to fulfill the surveying and mapping needs of our clients.

Our staff, hailing from the Caribbean region, brings extensive experience in designing, engineering, surveying, and coordinating land and marine projects. Over the years, we have worked alongside various marine and land contractors on large-scale projects across the Caribbean Islands.

survey map

Topographic Drone with LiDAR Sensor

Caribbean Construction Group has acquired an ultra- modern survey technology for 3D Survey including CAD software to undertake highly precise topographic surveys. We are using a DJI MATRICE 300 RTK drone equipped with a Zenmuse L1 LiDAR sensor to acquire the data. Processing Software is used to Plan, Process, Analyze and Execute professional 2D CAD Drawings or fully detailed 3D Models according to the Client’s requirements.

Construction Layout and As-Built Survey

Caribbean Construction Group takes pride in delivering professional layout and verification services to our clients, including organizations and developers, showcasing our expertise in the field. Additionally, we offer support during building enhancements by conducting one or more as-built surveys, ensuring that the work is executed in accordance with the design drawings and specifications. Caribbean Construction Group performs these surveys with a high level of accuracy with the help of our modern equipment:

  • Trimble SX12 Total Station
  • Trimble TSC7 Controller
  • Trimble R12i GNSS

Bathymetrical Survey

For all kinds of marine construction whether is for creation, dredging or other related activities our Bathymetric Surveys will bring clarity for the depths of the lake, lagoon
or ocean floor, using RTK-GPS for precise positioning, single beam echo-sounders for depth measurement and create models of the surveyed area. Caribbean Construction Group uses these models to calculate volumetric quantities of scours holes, voids, and sediment build-up to a high degree of accuracy.

Harbour aerial view

Survey equipment