The Caribbean Construction Group is the agency that put composite on the map as a reliable construction material. Having successfully constructed over 1000 bridges globally, our prefab composite bridges have evolved into an essential element of today’s urban landscape. Utilizing unique cutting-edge technology, we manufacture bridges and lock gates with a forward-looking approach—prioritizing qualities such as lightweight, robustness, solidity, and sustainability.

With a team of skilled engineers and constructors. We not only build new bridges, we also renovate existing bridges and bridge decks with a composite bridge deck.

SUREbridge Model

The SUREbridge method provides a swift, sustainable, and cost-efficient solution for renovating concrete bridges. This innovative approach involves reinforcing and, if desired, expanding existing structures by affixing a prefab composite panel through a sliding process. This method ensures the longevity of the bridge for up to 50 years, requiring minimal maintenance. The strength of the bridge is significantly enhanced, with a factor of 2 to 2.5, achieved within a construction period of just 6 weeks.

A notable environmental advantage lies in the fact that the existing construction does not need to be demolished, resulting in time savings, reduced inconvenience, and lowered transportation needs. The method also translates into substantial cost savings, amounting to up to 50% compared to the expenses associated with demolition and new construction.

Harbour Bridge

FiberCore Europe has pioneered a composite truss bridge, the FiberCore Harbour Bridge, designed to be highly resistant to corrosion, graffiti, salt, bird droppings, diesel oil, and various chemicals. This innovative bridge is built on the globally patented InfraCore® technology, ensuring a fully integrated structure without vulnerable or high-maintenance bolted or bonded connections.

The lightweight FiberCore Harbour Bridge is available in an effective width of 1.5 meters and spans to just over 36 meters—all in one piece. Remarkably, there’s no need for an intermediate support, eliminating the need for an undamaged incline and avoiding unexploded ordnance (UXO) investigations. The bridge seamlessly meets the design requirements of both the Dutch CUR and the Eurocode.