Caribbean Construction Group boasts over 20 years of international experience, excelling in various aspects of construction work, with specialization in marine construction. From the initial development to the turnkey handover, Caribbean Construction Group ensures excellence in every phase.

Having established a solid presence in numerous locations across the Caribbean and beyond, Caribbean Construction Group also fosters partnerships with companies worldwide. These collaborations enable us to deliver products of the highest quality standards, meeting and exceeding client requirements.

Marine Construction

Caribbean Construction Group specializes in Marine Construction We construct Combi walls, Retainer Walls, Piers, Bridges, all with or without Capping Beams, Mooring Dolphins, and all other related aspects that may be required to construct.

Foundation Construction

Caribbean Construction Group consistently aims to create innovative solutions and provide unique offerings to our clients.

Our expertise primarily lies in foundation works, encompassing all aspects of your foundation needs. We can provide various types of foundation piles and foster a collaborative process to determine the best and most economical solution. Beyond piling, we also address subsequent aspects of your foundation construction, including earthwork, dewatering, and civil work.

Combiwall Construction

A Combiwall can be constructed from either onshore or offshore locations, utilizing tubular piles and sheet piles.

Depending on the project’s location, Caribbean Construction Group positions the piling rig either from the shore or offshore, a determination largely influenced by the environmental conditions. We are experienced in constructing and installing Combiwalls with a combination of Tubular Piles and Sheet Piles.

Precast Pile Construction

Pre-produced concrete driven piles stand out as a prevalent choice for traditional foundation methods, providing a swift and cost-effective alternative, surpassed only by wooden piles. Their significant advantage lies in their capacity to bear high vertical pile loads and resistances.

Precast Pile in Harbour

Vibro Pile Construction

Caribbean Construction Group provides the Vibro Piles system, offering a comprehensive soil displacement pile with a significant bearing capacity. Vibro Piles are particularly well-suited for areas with varying piling levels, providing an additional soil investigation for each pile.

CFA Pile

The CFA piles, drilled by the continuous flight auger system, combine the advantages of driven piles with the versatility of bored piles. The drilling method allows excavation in a wide variety of soils, whether dry or water-logged, loose or cohesive. It also enables penetration through low-capacity, soft rock formations such as loamy clays, limestones, and sandstone, among others.

The system is performed without inducing shocks or vibrations. Additionally, the equipment is fully sound-proofed in compliance with legal requirements, making CFA the most convenient piling method for construction in town centers.

Project Procurement & Management

Under the umbrella of Procurement and Project Management, Caribbean Construction Group provides a comprehensive package to ensure your project is expertly handled. Our proficiency extends across all facets of modern Project Management, backed by extensive experience in Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) projects. Our services encompass, but are not limited to, contract management, risk management, engineering, procurement, planning, work preparation, execution, commissioning, project control, subcontract management, and as-built administration.

We welcome projects of all sizes and values, committing to excellence in undertaking various construction projects. Rest assured, your project is in capable hands

Construction Consultancy

Crafting and implementing innovative solutions that save time and costs is a source of great satisfaction for the Caribbean Construction Group. We offer our expertise as consultants for construction projects, providing valuable insights at every stage. Leveraging our extensive experience and diverse construction knowledge within the company, we can offer guidance on overcoming challenges that may arise during the works.

Given our background as a Construction Contractor, employers frequently seek our advice and consultation to review construction projects. We provide reports tailored to the client’s needs, ensuring the project successfully achieves its objectives. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond construction to consultancy, where we are ready to support and enhance your projects.