Caribbean Construction Group Offers a completely independent advisory engineering and consultancy company, active in civil and marine engineering.

Our clients are building contractors, port authorities, the government, other engineering offices, and private companies.

Emphasizing the strong connection between knowledge and experience in marine/structural engineering and geotechnical/foundation construction is a key factor within the Caribbean Construction Group organization. This emphasis plays a crucial role in propelling CCG into a multitude of large-scale infrastructure projects worldwide, with a particular focus on the Caribbean. These projects encompass both client-side and contractor engagements.

Marine Harbour Aerial View
Boats Docked


Our internal Architectural Department draws upon its foundation of knowledge rooted in the Netherlands. By adhering to Dutch standards and employing a multidisciplinary approach to design, we have the capability to effectively manage complex and large-scale projects.

Our Services consist of the following:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Feasibility Study
  • Urban Master Planning
  • Project Development Consultancy
  • Project Redevelopment Consultancy
Mountain Villa Design
Schematic Drawing home complex

Foundation Engineering

As an essential prerequisite for effective construction, the foundation constitutes a critical component in any building and, as such, demands specialized focus. The intricate interplay between soil and structure involves a complex exchange of stresses between the structure and the foundational ground. Foundation and geotechnical engineering stand as specialized areas of expertise within Caribbean Construction Group, where we provide:

  • Design of Pile / Shallow Foundations
  • Bearing capacity
  • Settlement and Slope Stability Analysis
  • Drainage of Pits
  • Design of Building Pits and Sheet Pile Structures
  • Drainage of Building Pits
  • Horizontally Loaded Anchor Piles and Breasting Dolphins
  • Tension Piles
  • Groutanchors and Micro Piles
  • Pile Capacity Analysis
  • Innovative Foundation Design
Foundation being built
Foundation Pillars

Harbour Engineering

The intricate dynamics of environmental elements, including wind, waves, currents, and geological considerations, combined with economic, operational, nautical, and environmental prerequisites, contribute to the complexity of harbor development and planning. Caribbean Construction Group possesses expertise in delivering comprehensive harbor consultancy services, spanning a significant portion of the Masterplan process. This includes activities such as planning, financial analysis, hydraulic modeling, maritime and operational simulation, as well as materials handling, dredging, engineering, and project management.

  • Development of Layout for Marine Terminals
  • Master Planning | Dimensioning and Alignment of Access Channel
  • Ship Maneuvering Simulations
  • Port Operations Simulations
  • Impact-assessment of Harbours on Adjacent Coastlines
  • Functional Design of Harbour Areas
  • Detailed Design of Quay Walls, Jetties, and Other Maritime Structures
  • Dredging Consultancy
Harbour being built

Civil & Marine Engineering

We specialize in the design of various maritime structures, including quay wall structures, jetties, locks, barriers, bridges, and tunnels. Our scope of activities extends to preparing method statements, conducting dredging analyses, and more. Additionally, our project teams are equipped to deliver comprehensive construction management services, encompassing cost estimates, the preparation of contract documents and technical specifications, as well as supervision and construction administration.

Meeting any challenge, we offer a complete package, delivering cost-effective solutions.

  • Design of quay walls, jetties, bridges, locks, and tunnels
  • Method statement for civil and marine structures
  • Design of temporary works for execution of civil and marine works

Coastal & River Engineering

We provide practical solutions for the most challenging of problems, whether that is finding a way to protect communities from flood or devising methods to maximize the precious water resource for the competing and often conflicting needs along the river.
When developing sustainable solutions to Coastal and River problems we place a high importance on understanding physical processes. Our specialist services include;

  • Design of quay walls, jetties, bridges, locks, and tunnels
  • Method statement for civil and marine structures
  • Design of temporary works for execution of civil and marine works
  • Design of breakwaters and revetments
  • Wave climate studies
  • Coastal hydrology and scour protections.